Our Contributors


Zach Peterson

As founder of This That and its sister retail shop Commonplace, Zach Peterson is a learn-on-go business owner chasing a career built around a love and fascination with objects. Opening the Commonplace brick and mortar in April, 2016 was a jump into the world of design that continues with the release of each new This That object. He is the designer of This That’s Tapered Drinking Glasses.


Ryan Tretow

Ryan Tretow's (Owner, TRETOW) work spans hospitality, retail & residential architecture, as well as the design and construction of furniture, custom casework & other specialty design and fabrication projects. He is the designer of This That's Upright Bookmark and Angled Bookend.


Dylan Adams

Dylan Adams creates unexpended, yet simple designs that often use basic materials and shapes to create a world of multifunctional delight. Graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2013, and now based in Milwaukee, WI, Dylan strives to work with communities, artists, and designers alike to promote creativity and putting cool things out in the world. He is the designer of This That's Corkscrew Wall Hook.